April 25, 2022

#58 Mission Accomplished

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Chris has a good time poking fun at Deanna for the fact that she was incarcerated in Facebook jail. He's in a silly mood, so buckle up! After Deanna encourages him to start the story, he shares the mission of Wish of a Lifetime, an organization started by Jeremy Bloom after he was inspired by how other cultures revere their elderly. Then they head to Las Vegas, Nevada where Chris shares the interesting history of that city. It's at nearby Nellis Air Force Base where we are introduced to Lieutenant Colonel James H. Harvey III, as well as Captain Alva Temple, 1st Lieutenant Harry Stewart Jr, and 1st Lieutenant Halbert Alexander. All members of the Tuskegee Airmen. All Top Guns. It's from there we learn the lengths that this 98-year-old has had to go to in order to right a 73-year wrong. While this story is heartbreaking in so many ways, it's an important one that this podcast is honored to share, because after all of these years, these amazing Airmen were finally able to get the recognition they deserved. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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