Aug. 1, 2022

#72 Everybody Made It Out

Chris and Deanna talk all about DEANNA DAY and how Facebook makes someone feel super special on their special day. She gives Chris a hard time about his TikTok usage before chatting about their plans to continue her birthday celebration this weekend, as well as what her 5-0 had better look like. Then Chris takes us to Moss Point, Mississippi where we feel like we are right there with the three teenage girls whose night of fun with friends turns into a life-threatening emergency in a heartbeat. The way Chris tells the story, along with the facts and details he gives us about what we should do if we are ever in that same situation, is mesmerizing. Be prepared to be WOWed with how this episode's hero - Corian Evans - comes to the rescue in the most amazing of ways. It's because of him that EVERYBODY MADE IT OUT.

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